Fume Hood cleaning

Safety First Plan

'Safety First', a well known quote. Where Health and Safety are concerned, requirements are constantly becoming increasingly strict. Whether it is performing a car M.O.T. or inspecting water pipes for salmonella bacteria, people's awareness towards safety, health and the environment has risen. Individuals and businesses who do not comply with Health and Safety regulations, can expect to receive tough treatment and may incur fines for misdemeanours. Such events are on the increase. SIS Schoonmaak BV is very aware of the importance of a "Safety First Plan". Besides creating a safe and healthy working environment for our own staff, we provide the same, high level, Health and Safety commitment to others. We can supply our services to work environments, individual homes, schools and government institutions. Over the last three years, SIS Schoonmaak BV has specialised in Low Flow Benches cleaning. Research showed an absence of good guidelines for performing maintenance tasks and cleaning work for Low Flow Benches. Together with the University of Maastricht, University of Utrecht and our suppliers, we have created a plan that covers both the cleaning and maintenance of Low Flow Benches. Both cleaning and maintenance are key in creating a healthy and environmentally friendly (work)environment.

Implementation Of Our Work

We prefer, as per our plan, to carry out the work during daytime hours whilst ensuring minimal inconvenience to others. We start by mapping out the Low Flow Benches. To determine the best product for cleaning, an assessment is carried out whereby we look at what materials and products are being used in the Low Flow Bench. Prior to the work, we conduct an inspection, during which any defects or deficiencies are recorded on our inspection form. Using this form, gives you the opportunity to discuss the necessary repairs or adjustments with your supplier. If required, we can also arrange this for you.